Consultations à Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, Louvain-la-Neuve et Chaumont-Gistoux

Consultations à Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, Louvain-la-Neuve
et Chaumont-Gistoux

Consultations à
et Chaumont-Gistoux

Léon Gallez et Camille Delatte: à votre écoute …

Léon Gallez, family doctor

Dr Leon Gallez does consultations in French, English or Spanish. He also works in an emergency department covering minor trauma and small surgeries (sutures, etc.)

Les consultations médecins se font sur rdv par téléphone au 0491 59 09 57 ou en ligne ici

Camille Delatte, family doctor

Young doctor, I am social and used listening all the people. I also do small surgeries. I am bilingual: English and French.

Votre Dossier Médical Global

We treat patients of all ages: infants, children, adults and the elderly. We have your medical records, we know you personally and we will give you the appropriate diagnosis for your condition. You can also ask your doctor to create a ‘dossier medical global’ (DMG: a ‘global medical file’) in your name. This is fully reimbursed by health insurance, and allows you to be better reimbursed for consultation, with either Dr Delatte or Dr Gallez. 

Cabinet de Woluwe-Saint-Lambert

Avenue de Janvier, 5
1200 Woluwe-Saint-Lambert

Centre Maya


Voie de la Petite Reine, 1
1348 Louvain-la-Neuve

Centre Epione

Chaussée de Huy, 252
1325 Chaumont-Gistoux

Cabinet Privé

Rue des Papeteries, 34
1325 Chaumont-Gistoux

010 61 78 76